Are you looking for a paid opportunity to create dances? The Salt City Dance Festival is hiring! During our event, we host a performance to showcase work of professional choreographers. In addition to a paycheck, choreographers and their dancers receive a full access class pass to attend all events of the festival for free.

Due to COVID, all SCDF events are currently cancelled.



-What styles of dance are you looking for?
Every and ALL styles! We would love to have a great variety of pieces in this performance to enhance our mission of community involvement.


-How long does the piece have to be?

3 to 10 minutes.

-Do I use my own dancers?
Yes! We require you to use dancers ages 16+ in your choreography. Feel free to find dancers within our page to work with you.

-Will I be receiving payment for my choreography?
Yes. Each choreographer will receive a paycheck of $150 or more, depending on the length of work and how many dancers are involved.

-Could I bring in live musicians?
Yes! We would love and encourage the use of musicians within the performance and can make accommodations on the stage.

-When will the tech rehearsal be?
The day before the performance: Friday, July 17th. It will be a brief tech rehearsal giving each choreographer roughly 15-20 minutes to stage their work. Specific times will be sent after all submissions are received.

-What is the stage like?

The theatre is a black box setting. There will be 3 sides of the audience and you will be level to the chairs (marley flooring)

-What can I use for costumes?
You will provide your own costumes. If you are unable to find or purchase costumes on your own, we may have assistance for you.

-Why is there a submission fee?
The $25.00 submission fee goes directly to the advertising costs for the performance. With advertising, we can provide you with a full audience, which allows us to PAY you! It is a full circle! If you are NOT chosen to perform, this fee is nonrefundable, however, we will credit you in discounts towards the participation of the festival events.

If you are absolutely unable to submit your work because of the cost, we will offer select scholarship opportunities. Please contact to ask for the application to waive the fee.